Winter is here!

Imagine getting out of bed as usual and feeling a little chilly but actually not really cold.  Imagine you can walk around in your T-shirt and shorts the whole of May and not be bothered with the weather.  I was thinking that winter is late this year and that June is going to be a breeze.

Think and imagine again, that is not going to happen.  It was one early morning, to be precise 8 June, we got out of bed and my husband said   “Please bring more blankets, I am cold at night.”  I walked out of the house with him to his car parked next to the house.  The car is covered in ice; he gets into the car and lowers the drives side window, ice sitting in the window.  As we say goodbye; I can feel the ice chilling factor of cold air creeping up my legs into my warm pyjamas.  Brr, its cold this morning, I think “Elsa” from Frozen has let her hand move over our little town.

The kids are ready and as we drive to school we watch how the temperatures start too plummeted as I drive into the school yard the temperature is sitting on *0.5-.  Poor little might’s they are going to freeze their little buts off today.

The verdict is out it is officially winter; you can go to your cupboards and take out your warm jackets, gloves, hats and scarfs.  This is going to be a cold winter. 

As we celebrate winter, we start our evenings with lovely soups, thick chunky vegetables and chunks of meat and toast.  Somehow I feel that winter isn’t winter if you aren’t enjoying something warm like soup with white bread.  Sitting around the TV with a nice warm blanket covering our legs, yip its official winter is here!

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