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Mini Me

As a mom I must be honest in telling you that I have thought about my children on a daily basis, they all are grown up and have moved out of the house.  They live their own lives and work and look after themselves and their families.
Now I have always been a ‘fanatic’ when it comes to the Lord, my passion and my love is always been for the Lord.  What I did not realise is that what I was doing would rub off on my children and it did too onto my daughter.
I can see how passionately she loves the Lord God.  I see how she goes out of her way to serve the Lord and she has her husband right by her side.  They both are following the Lord. 
I am proud of her and what she has accomplished in her life.  My heart is grateful to the Lord for a ‘mini me’.
I believe both my sons also love the Lord but serve the Lord in their own special way.  To my mind the children will be mighty in the land and they will enjoy the legacy God has in mind for them from me.
My heart is grateful and my love for th…

In the little things – God helps me

You probably won’t understand or even care but I do want to tell you that God helps me even in the little things in life.
Now I have been out of a job for a very long time, I need the work and I was offered a job at a really busy Occupational Health Clinic.  Patience arrive I check their bookings in a file and make copies of their identity documents.  Hand the copies with a flow chart to the Data captures and then the process begins.  The Patients are referred to the next room where they wait.
In the meantime the Patients information is captured and files are drawn accordingly.  Because this is a very pressured environment and time is of the essence we need to work accurately but also efficiently.
Well this is where I have seen how the Lord my God has been helping me, many times we need to find a file that has been drawn or the patient has ‘exited’ from a company.  I see how the Lord leads me to the right box or stack of files and I am not lying when I say the numbers stand out betwe…

Be Positive

It sounds so easy 'be positive'.  Well I am probably one of the people that can speak negatively more often than speaking positively.

I have decided speak words of wisdom and positively into my own life.  You will not believe it but my self-esteem is really low.  
So today I have decided to say things like, I am beautiful, I am strong and I have courage to face any situation.  I am successful and God will turn my mourning into laughter, I am prosperous and I have the supernatural favour of God in my own life.  I love what I am doing, I am a nice person to be around, people love and like me.  I am a fun person.
My future is bright and happy, my children are mighty in the land and my legacy will live on to inspire future generations.  I run with purpose every step of the way, because God is blessing me, I am victorious and I am a child of the Most High God.
I want to encourage you today, be positive, look to the Lord our God and know you are of value and God loves You.
Be blesse…