Dream Big

It is my heart’s desire and yearning to travel overseas, I so want to travel to Israel and walk where the Lord Jesus walked.  I so want to go and see the different landmarks.  After travelling to Israel I would like to go to Egypt and also to America and not forgetting about England and Australia, this is my Big Big dream.

I think the Lord has given me the yearning and passion to write and it is my big dream to write a best-selling Daily Devotion.  It is my yearning and passion that what I write will impact people all over the world ~ not for the accolades of being a best-seller but so that I may be a vessel the Lord used to spread the word of God.

My hopes and dreams are to leave a legacy for my children and my grandchildren.  I want them to have something to build on going forward in their own lives.  I want my entire family to love the Lord and all to be saved.

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