Learning to NOT be so critical

There are a couple of attributes each of us have and one of the most difficult ones to get rid of is ‘being critical’ of other people. 

Dealing with a critical attitude is really difficult in the sense that you need to watch what you say to people and how you approach each situation.  I don’t really know how I landed up being so critical of people but I can spot someone’s issues long before they realise it.  I seem to have the ability to see their faults and then zone in on them.  Making it my business to make sure they know I know about their problems.

# 1       think before you speak
This seems easy enough but when you really take the time to think before you speak you will  get to a place of acceptance.  Accepting who you are and accepting who the other person is.
#2           stop being ego centred
As a child I was taught that 1st is 1st and 2nd is nothing.  So I seem to make it my business to be in front.  I feel left out and terrible when I am pushed aside, my ego tells me I am worthless and not accepted.  Not true ~ I have come to realise that not everybody likes me, I can be abrasive and mean at times and this makes me hard to get along with.  So now I need to learn how to back off and let other people take the ‘lime light’.
#3           learning to repent and forgive myself
I have learned that by repenting of myself ego and asking the LORD God to forgive me for my self-centred actions I am starting to feels a little better about me.  I am starting to appreciate other people’s point of view and I feel they are interesting and I don’t have to put my stamp of approval all over them.
#4           getting rid of being critical
I am working really hard on my view point of people and not allowing myself to be critical of people.  I am listening to what they say and just accepting them for who they are.  I also am learning that I cannot be right all the time and that others have the right to their own opinion.  Hard to learn but working hard at keeping my mind focused.  We are all individuals with different perspectives.  You and I both have the right to our own view point.
God bless you, may today be a wonderful day without being critical of others.  “If I were …. Trying to please men.’  Galatians 1: 10 TLB

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