41o Celsius On This Wednesday

My New Year resolutions is to actually do something about my look.  I have decided to put in the effort of looking gorgeous at my age.  The past couple of months have been really difficult for me and I want to lift my appearance to being gorgeous again.

My choice of dress is a simple A line fitted dress with brown background and patterns with peach coloured and yellow motives.  This sleeveless dress length is acceptable and I feel comfortable in the dress.  I chose to add a little black three quarter jumper to the mix to round of my look.  

For accessories I decided on peach coloured earnings and necklace and my beautiful Dunne Leather handbag with comfortable shoes.

I think I want to check in every Wednesday with you to see what you think about my outfit, how I can improve my look and work on refining me.  I do so want to look gorgeous again.

Do have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Gorgeous me J

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