"God, here I am, speak to me."

13 ‘You (Yvette) will seek me and find me when you (Yvette) seek me with all your (Yvette) heart.’ Jeremiah 29: 13 (NIV)

I was about 14 or 15 years old when I was sitting in my bedroom knitting, I used to love sitting on the carpet in my bedroom on the floor.  I heard my mom calling me “Yvette, Yvettie”.  I jumped up and ran over to her.  “Yes, Mommy” I said.  My mom looked up from her reading and answered me “I didn’t call you.”  I said: “Mommy I heard you, calling me.”  She smiled at me and said “No, darling I didn’t.” 

Well I turned around and left her and went back to my knitting, I was knitting dolls jersey and my concentrations was on the pattern at hand.  I just got started when I hear my Mom calling me again I heard her calling me “Yvette, Yvettie”.  It was clear as day light and she called me twice.  I put my knitting down and ran over to her in her bedroom.  “Yes Mommy” I stood in front of her expecting her to tell me what I was supposed to do.  “You are such a darling.”  She said and then she said “Go off and make us a nice cup of coffee.”
Later on in life I realised that the Lord was calling me and that I should have just answered “here I am Lord, speak Your servant is listing.”  Now, it is my heart’s desire to hear God’s voice, I want to listen and hear Him calling my Name.

I currently am seeking the Lord my God with my whole heart and I am fine tuning my ears, I want to hear God’s voice.  I know that God is here with me, I just need to pay attention.

Thought for today:  
To hear God’s voice, I need to build my relationship with God and keep on praying.

Heavenly Father, Lord here I am, I am listening and waiting for You to speak to me.  I open my heart, soul and mind to Your word, Holy Spirit come in and fill my life, in Jesus Name Amen. 

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