"I've got the power!"

So I need to deal with three flaws in my own life:  I am closed off, I am demanding and I am too direct.

Hmm now that is a new challenge that I am facing, but as I believe God is in control over my life I feel that “I’ve got the power – yes, the Holy Spirit”  “Greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world.”

At least all is not lost for me I do have some good qualities and they are
I am cool
I have good humour
I am creative
Ohhhh here it comes …. I am good looking
And yes, I have charisma
I am cheerful
I am spontaneous
Ohhhhh and of course …. I am attractive
Please don’t forget that I am intelligent!

Thank You Lord for creating someone as special as me, do you agree?

Well, I cannot impress all the people all the time and I actually just want to impress my God but I cannot do that because He created me perfect!  I am of Royal blood, Jesus Christ !

You have a lovely day now, think of all the good qualities you have and those which needs some work.
Be blessed, you are a blessing

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