Style, do you have a style?

Those who follow the right path fear the Lord;
    those who take the wrong path despise him.  Proverbs 14:2 (NLT)

Some people have style, they just seem to look stunning in whatever they dress and others really need a tutor in helping them get a better look.

Proverbs is reminding us that we should follow the right path fear the LORD.  Each morning when I wake up the first thought that comes to mind, is Good morning Abba Father.  Thank you for today.  

Later on I sit down with my bible and read my daily scriptures and then I pray.  I think I want to cloth myself each day with the LORD Jesus Christ.  I also feel that I need to cloth myself in putting the full armour of God on.

My style is plain I am at home and cleaning house, doing washing and ironing.  Cooking meals for the family and just being here.  When I get the opportunity I sit down and write my thoughts for the day.  I try and focus on the Word of God and I strive towards becoming right with the LORD.

I confess ‘I am the righteousness of God in Christ’ every day.  Well, do I have style?  I am sure I have style a different kind of style to people that live in the world.  My style is clothing myself in the Blood of Jesus, clothing myself with the Lord Jesus and wearing the armour of God.

Though for today:
Follow the right path fear the LORD

Humbly LORD I submit myself into Your hands today, I do want to follow the right path fear YOU LORD.  Help me and draw me back into YOUR presence.  I pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen

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