‘He can hear you when you call!’

Isaiah 59:1Living Bible (TLB)

59 Listen now! The Lord isn’t too weak to save you. And he isn’t getting deaf! He can hear you when you call! 

When I read this passage I am reminded on something that was happening to me while I was still struggling to find my feet.  I work for someone that was a perfectionist and this manager of mine used to have me in tears each and every day.  I used to cry all the time, my ex-husband was making my life difficult and this man was even worse.

One day I just could not take it anymore and I cried out to the Lord and asked Him please help me.  The pressure was getting to me; my hair was falling out and I had become thin and miserable.  

As I sat in my car reading God’s word I was praying for some sort of relief.  I went back to my office and in the bathroom washed my face and back to my desk.  Just as I sat down I received a call, someone was inviting me to come for an interview.  Awesome, God heard my prayers and I got the job.

Heavenly Father thank You that You aren’t too weak to save me.  Thank You that You aren’t getting deaf and thank You that You hear when I call on You, in Jesus Holy Name.  Amen

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