# rewiring my focus on the Lord Jesus Christ

Romans 13:10 New English Translation (NET Bible)
10 Love does no wrong to a neighbour. Therefore love is the fulfilment of the law.

Thinking about the function of rewiring anything, you need to take out all the old wires and then start replacing each wire one at a time.  This is a process and there may be turns and bends in awkward places.  I think about my own life right now and I believe God is really busy working in my own life.  I have never really felt the need to rewire my life according to the Word of God.  I was always under the impression that I was just fine.

This year I have come to a place in my life where I realized that I really and truly need ‘rewiring’ and this rewiring needs to come from the Lord my God.

Out of my own strength I doubt that I would be even able to change my viewpoint on any matter.  During this year I have begun with Bible reading, focusing on the New Testament.  My heart’s desire is to ‘first find the kingdom of God’.  This is where the rewiring will have to come in.

I pray each day that the Holy Spirit will inspire me, guide me and place a guard in front of my mouth.  I seem to mouth off and say hurtful things to people.  The more I focus on changing my way of talking the bigger problems I cause.  So note to you and self:  don’t try this on your own, speak to the Holy Spirit.  Ask for help.

This rewiring is taking a while, but I feel hopeful and believe God is working and the rewiring will be done in due course.  I realize that I cannot make the right changes, because I don’t know what really needs to be changed.  God is in control and will rewire me mind, and soul according to His will. 
In the meantime I need to love and doing this I am fulfilling the law.  

You are a blessing.

Abba Father, O Lord my God to my mind I don’t believe I am capable of rewiring my own mind and focusing only on You.  I need Your help today, please Holy Spirit help me.  In Jesus name amen.

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