#Wednesday - Witch Craft – Fact or Fiction?

Today I was totally intrigued by what I was hearing from my colleagues at work.  It seems that ‘Witch craft’ is alive and well in our day and age.
As I listen to her story my mouth hangs open.  She said her uncle was married to her aunt and there was a younger woman that was totally smitten with her uncle.  This young woman went to the Sam Goma and asked him for a spell called ‘Bheka mina ngedwa’ – ‘Only look at me’. 

This woman used the potion and my friend’s uncle started perusing this young woman.  His wife tried to save their marriage but to no avail.  He divorced her and paid ‘labola’ to marry this young woman.  This man was a high ranking Police official and work in Pretoria.  The young woman was worried that he may start looking around and went back to the Sam Goma to renew the potion.  

The result for the uncle was devastation; he was so fixated on the young wife that he would follow her all around the house.  He went on AWOL at work and stay home to watch his beautiful wife.

If she left the house to go shopping they would find him sitting crying at the gate because she left him behind.  He feared that she was going to stay away and never returned.  

This potion was so strong that he finally left his job and stayed home to ‘only look at her’.  

Apparently he died of diabetes a couple of years into the marriage.  It seems she is still busy with her potions.  

Next Wednesday I will tell you about another lady who also had a bad experience with ‘Witch craft.’

Fact or fiction?

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