A time to live and a time to die

Luke 16:31 New Life Version (NLV)

31 Abraham said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and to the early preachers, they will not listen even if someone is raised from the dead.’”

Straight Street is one of the most effluent and prestige’s streets in town, the very rich and famous live on this street.  In front of one of the richest men in town lay a really raggedy vagabond, dogs hanging around him, liking the sore on his face and hands.  A real eyes sore for the neighborhood but in actual fact there isn’t much that can be done as the old vagabond has been doing this for as long as we can remember.

Perched on the balcony the children watch how the dogs lick the sickly old man.  Their Father appears on the balcony and looks down at the vagabond lying on the street.  Laughing and eating some apples the children tease the vagabond.  Lazarus the old vagabond looks up to all the people standing on the balcony calling out ‘Please sir, may I have some bread and a little water?’  The rich man dressed in the finest of purple linen and sash looks down smiling and turns his head towards the children.  “Come now, let us go inside and have something to eat.”  The rich man ushers the children back into the eating hall. 

Lazarus has just passed away; the angles are standing next to him.  As Lazarus’ spirit leaves his body he stands looking at his limp body.  He sighs a breath of relieve and looks at the angels standing next to him.  They leave and reach paradise; waiting to welcome Lazarus is Abraham.  A feast is being prepared to celebrate Lazarus arrival in Paradise.  

The rich man also takes ill and he is facing his final moments, screaming and shouting ‘no, please leave me alone!  I don’t want to go with you!’  His breaths his last breathe.  The family was in shock as he died a really agonizing death.  The rich man put a good fight but failed, standing next to him were demons ready to take him into Hades.  As he reached his destiny he was in agony and in pain as the flames liked his face, his arms and his entire body.  The heat of the fire was excruciating, being tormented all the time, he just could not get away from all the agony.  Looking up; the rich man saw a familiar face, Lazarus the old vagabond talking to Father Abraham.

“Please Father Abraham, send Lazarus to me with a drop of water, the fire is excruciating and the heat is unbearable.  In my life I have never endured such pain.”  Father Abraham looked down from paradise with Lazarus next to him answering the rich man “Son do you remember the lavish life you lead, and Lazarus had to live the hard life.  Besides there is a great chasm between you and us so that those who wanted to come over to our side would not be able.  Not allowing anybody to cross over from either side.”

The rich man said “Then Father Abraham, please will you send Lazarus to my father’s house to warn my five brothers about this place.  I wouldn’t want them to end up with me here.”
Father Abraham answered the rich man “They have the scriptures of Moses and of the Prophets, let them listen to them.”

The rich man cried out “No!  Please Father Abraham; if Lazarus came from the dead and told them to repent they will listen.”

Father Abraham answered “If they don’t listen to the scriptures of Moses and the Prophets, why will they take note of someone rising from the dead.”

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