# Discovering the Secret to Isaac’s blessing?

Genesis 26:12 Living Bible (TLB)

12 That year Isaac’s crops were tremendous—100 times the grain he sowed. For Jehovah blessed him.

As I read Genesis 26 I have noticed that God spoke to Isaac and instructed him not to go down to Egypt but to stay in the city of Gerar where Abimeleck was the king of the Philistines.

# Promise:   Did you notice that God made a promise to Isaac?  Where in Genesis 26: 3 ‘Do as I say and stay here in this land.  If you do, I will be with you and bless you, and I will give all this land to you and to your descendant, just as I promised Abraham your father.

# Promise:  God also promised more verse 4 ‘And I will cause your descendants to become to as numerous as the stars!  And I will give them all of these lands; and they shall be a blessing to all the nations of the earth.

# WHY?  Why would God this for Isaac?  Verse 5 ‘I will do this because Abraham obeyed my commandments and laws.

Oops! Isaac told a white lie, referring to Rebekah as his sister to king Abimelech, and the king spotted Isaac and Rebekah making love.  Calling Isaac and confronting him about the matter Isaac said he was afraid that the king might have killed him for Rebekah.  Then king Abimelech mad a public proclamation:  Anyone harming this man or his wife shall die.’

# Blessings In the drought Isaac’s crops were tremendous 100 time the grain he sowed.  For the LORD GOD blessed him.  Very soon Isaac became a man of great wealth and richer and richer.  What an awesome testimony for Isaac, obedience for God ~ blessings for you!

Heavenly Father, thank YOU LORD God, please Lord teach us to always obey YOU and help us to listen for Your instructions today.  Bless each person with these words in Jesus Name.  Amen

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