Translated for English readers (Afrikaans Joke)

Not sure it will have the same results but it was funny to me.

At Bible Study the teacher thought she would discuss love.  She asked the ladies present how many times a day they tell their husband that they love them.  Some said once a week, other said in the morning and others said never. 

The teacher asked the ladies to send their husbands a text message just saying ‘I love you very much.”

Immediately they received messages.

This is the reaction from their husbands:

1. Mother of my children, are you sick?
2. Have you wrecked the car?
3. Don’t understand what you mean, what have you done?
4. Am I dreaming?
5. Tell me how much you need!
6. Who was the message mean for?
7. So your mothers is coming to visit again, right?
8. You promise not by drinking during the day!

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