[Echoing into eternity] Consequences

Proverbs 22: 6 ESV

6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Children are a blessing and we as parents are instructed to train and teach our children.  Then comes the teenage years, they are difficult but they get through it.  Once they are grown up you believe and trust that you have done the best you could for them.

I have insisted and taken my children all to church and I want them to love the Lord the way I do, each child makes their own choices.  The one thing I have come to realize is that all our action on earth will be made know in heaven.  Our sins have been washed away but God is still going to reward or award us for the good we have done as Christians.  And this is what I most liked about the Gladiator when Russell Crowe, as Maximus said: What we do in this life echoes in eternity.

Here’s the thing, you will see what the results of your actions on earth were in eternity.  Praying for people and interceding on their behalf, we don’t know what we are preventing or helping them receive.  


Heavenly Father humbly I pray that whatever I do in this life that it may be positively echoing into eternity.  In Jesus name, Amen

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