Friday # [This old thing]

Imagine this:  you are not allowed to spend money on clothes because you actually have more than enough.  So now you need to devise a plan.  I came up with a brilliant plan, I buy something I really like drop it off at my mom’s place.  When I go visiting her with my husband and kids, she normally says ‘O, by the way I saw these shoes and thought of you, so I bought it.’  My husband isn’t any the wiser and I got my new shoes.

But you know my mom moved away too far to visit on a regular basis so I needed a new plan.  Well, I still bought the things I wanted, placed it in the cupboard and waited a couple of weeks and then I would take it out in front of my husband.  Get dressed in my new clothes and if he noticed, and he does I would refer to it ‘as this old thing’.

One morning I took out an old outfit that has been sitting in my cupboard forever.  As I got dressed my husband said ‘hmm, seems like you been shopping, new outfit?’  To which I replied ‘this old thing.’  

He couldn’t believe that I have so many ‘old things’ in my cupboard.  Anyway he still isn’t sure of the outfit.

So there you go, ‘this old thing’ works great for me.  Hope this made your day, ladies, sometimes we need to make good plans.  Teehee

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