[Guidance] Please show me the way forward.

Malachi 2: 7 (LTB)

7 “Priests” lips should flow with the knowledge of God so the people will learn God’s laws.  The priests are the messengers of the Lord Almighty, and men should come to them for guidance.

Reminding me ~ God is in control and that I love God and that ‘all things work together for those who love the Lord’ I consider my future.  Today as I think and focus on the Word of God I am asking the Lord my God for guidance.  I will not fall into a pit with feelings of confusion or feelings of being lost, yes I know things aren’t clear this minute but I will not cling to feelings of perplexity.

Do not allow feelings of bewilderment or disorientation to drag you away from the Lord, go and speak to your Pastor or Priest and ask them to stand in the gap for you today, so that they can make a way for you by building a wall.  God is so good to each of us we don’t have to deal with these problems we have Him.

My encouragement for you today is; pray about it, ask for the guidance you need, thank the Lord Your God for answering You, then receive the outcome from the Lord.


Abba Father, Lord each of us are facing our own difficulties in life, because I believe and trust in You, I love and adore You, I am asking You to guide me and show me the way forward.  I cannot see any open doors right now, so here I pray for an open door; for good opportunities for me and my friends in Jesus Holy Name.  Amen

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