A sanctified imagination [Holy to Jesus]

As I think about these words today I want to do something my husband has been telling me for such a very long time.  According to him, one should sit down and write down your hopes and dreams.  He feels that one should visualize it in 3D.

I also know that the Lord said that He looks at our thoughts and intent of our hearts. (Heb. 4: 12)  So to my mind, I believe that the Lord wants us to be Holy as He said so in His word ‘Be holy because I am Holy.’ 

My hope and dreams are so much more than I can imagine and I want them to be sanctified to the Lord for His approval.  I know that when I obey God, He is with me.  (Ps. 14: 5)

As you think about your own sanctified imagination I do want to remind you to draw near to the Lord.  As the Lord God to help you move forward.  Let Him guide you and help you with your hopes and dreams.


Lord God, please help me and my friends sanctify our imagination according to Your word, so that we may be consecrated to You.  In Jesus name.  Amen

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