A heartfelt prayer [Jesus]

Baruch Haba b'Shem Adonai. Blessed is He who humbles themselves before You today.  We bring You praise, we worship You and thank You.  Lord thank You for another year coming to a close.  Thank You for answered prayer throughout the year.  Thank You for blessings in abundance.  Thank You for good opportunities for each person I prayed for by name.

My Master without Your hand of protection in my life, I am nothing.  Thank You for the time I could spend in Your presence.  Open my eyes and my ears, lift the veil from my face so that I may draw near to You.  Give me the necessary wisdom, insight, and understanding.  Lord, I ask You for the supernatural favor in my own life as well as supernatural favor into the lives of each person reading my prayer.  Open doors of great opportunity, Lord give each of us wisdom to become more than what we think of ourselves.

Thank You for being there for us, thank You for answered prayer.  In the Holy Name of Jesus.  Amen 

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