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Electricity and Water Issues – Mpumalanga Witbank South Africa

As a resident of this place I truly am so upset, we cannot do much about it because it seems this place is out to take every little bit out of their residence.  The municipality owes Eskom so much money and has not paid the bill for the usage of Electricity.  Let me tell you something if we miss one payment they cut off the electricity and make you pay penalty fees to have it switched back on.

We also suffer the inconvenience of no electricity which also affects our water.  The water, by the way, is another story all on its own.  If you drink this water you will really be violently sick.  Resulting in us needing to buy bottled water which cost us more, as we are paying for water at home too.

As a stay home mom, I cannot do my washing on Mondays because the electricity is switched off at 06h00 am to 08h00 am and the water is non-existent.  To top it off tonight we go through the same thing again from 17h00 to 19h30 pm no lights.  Don’t be misled this will happen on a daily basis the weekend is no different.  We are paying Sandton rates and tax’s in Witbank.

My question is why must the people who are paying their bills to be affected by
the negligence of the municipality?  We are being kept accountable for their mistakes.  What is going to become of our cities? 

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