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God please work out the best plan for my life.

Cake diary: Spider-man Cake


Cake Diary: Cream Cake Baked on Monday


Two free cake recipes that really work for me ;-)

God forgave me my sin

God’s Kingdom

You know #God#is#awesome!

Good Morning!!!! #ABBA #FATHER

Hello World! Yvette's Inspirations

Book Review: The Power of Spoken Faith

I'm like a slice of lime ;-)

Keep my lips away from calamity things.

The Challenge is on.

Think before you speak.

I tend to beat myself up often

Identify in what kind of relationship you are in.

Reminder! If you are able do listen

It’s been a while since I have shared my testimony!

What do you think would make a great marriage?

Coming into agreement with Abba Father

Book Review : The Secret Code of the Dead

Why are you Grumbling! Stop it!

Building my own Website - hair raising experience ;-)

Financial Increase