Financial Increase

2 Corinthians 9: 10 CEV “He will increase what you have.”

Sometimes we have difficulties that we just can do nothing about, for instance, I am jobless currently and I have no resources to assist my husband.  I feel helpless and sometimes I feel so guilty because he needs to carry the burned of looking after me too. 

I was thinking about this verse and you know God is faithful and He is dependable and I believe that He will provide when it’s the right time.  My thoughts on this matter is that God is telling us that He will increase what we have.  I also believe that God know our hearts and minds, He also knows what we can handle at what time in our lives.

The thing is we need to come into agreement with God’s word and stay focused on what we know He is capable of doing in our lives.  The main focus is to also get God involved with our finances, I am trusting God to do something miraculously in my life.

Yes, I am out of a job but hey that doesn’t stop God of helping.  I sometimes wonder why I am in this position and yet God knows best for my life.  I trust and believe that He will give in abundance at the right time, I must trust and have faith in his capabilities and know that He will provide.  In so doing I would be able to help someone else in need.

You know that it’s the best possible reason to get God involved in your live especially your finances.  Calling on Him now while you are still doing well, don’t wait for the day when you are running on empty.

You are a blessing to me and others.  We love you ;-)

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