You know #God#is#awesome!

“You do the asking, and I will do the doing.”  John 14: 14

Awesome, today I came to realize God uses each one of us.  I had a strange statement on my blog post, “God does not exist.”  And then “Prove God exists.”

First off I wasn’t sure what to say, then I started with a long drawn out story, and then I realized something I can talk my head off but this person will not understand.  He doesn’t see the point and it isn’t up to me to prove that God exists.  I know God exists because I believe in Him and I have seen Him work in my own life.

On my program today I wanted to discuss a whole string of things concerning, putting God first.  But while I was still speaking to the people my mind changed.  I was listening to a song and then suddenly I heard a violin playing in the song.

Light bulb!  I spoke to the person who feels that God does not exist and I was immediately reminded to speak about my conversion to Christianity.  I was in my early twenties, and we attended a service with Pastor Eddy O’Neil in Welkom AFM Church.  The pastor played this violin so beautifully.  I then recalled how I became a Christian and also ask if there were people who need to convert.  I prayed a prayer and I believe without a doubt that the Lord Jesus wanted to speak to someone specific today.  I wanted the Lord to lead the program and He did.

Isn’t that awesome?  I felt so wow, you know sjoe.

I did ask and God did.  Awesome.  Bless you and may you enjoy a blessed evening.  

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