A Prophesy over my life:

Something that has been laying heavily on my heart and I want to share this with you, Yvette.  God said regardless of all the beatings and hurt that you endured, this only made you stronger.  The Lord said that “Yvette, you are precious to Him, all the pain you endured He saw it.  God is going to change all of that.  God said to remind you that He has already started the change can you see it?  Be reminded that you are precious to the Lord God and His love is going to be over your life.  Where people disregarded you and looked down on you, even your enemies are going to stand in amazement as they perceive God’s hand over your life.  God also is reminding you not to think “what is the use of all the things I am doing.”  He will reward you and not people.  The same spirit that was in Acts is going to come upon you and you are going to surprise many people.  Even when you cannot understand it yourself.”

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