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Live to Tell – Livian Grey
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While on tour promoting his latest book, writer Stephen Brooks encounters Jacinta Collins, a young woman from his past who has an idea for his next project: an exposé on her recently deceased father. Jacinta reveals her father was a member of a cult named The Brotherhood of Karden, who were involved in the disappearances of several children.

Refusing initially, Stephen eventually decides to help Jacinta with her personal investigation into her father, and this leaves him open to threats from Renata Williams, a twisted woman with a dark and disturbing history. Desperate to protect his wife and daughter, but burdened with the guilt of knowing Jacinta’s secrets, Stephen must now decide how involved he wants to become in bringing Renata to justice, and if the chance to write another best seller is worth risking his daughter’s innocence, and his life.

Right of Human – Alan R Graham
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Alexandra is an AI code analyst who has been developing an android named Coggi for over ten years. Though they have never met, Xandra loves Coggi dearly, regarding her as her own little sister. Coggi considers herself human, has no idea of Xandra's existence, until the awful day comes when she must be told the truth.

A threat is exposed after technicians on board an orbiting space station where Xandra works discover the android personnel of their research facility on the planet's surface below has all malfunctioned. Someone has hacked the facility's network and is trying to gain access to the higher tiers. Galactic terrorism! The Orbiter crew has only one recourse: To set a trap for the hacker, using one of the androids as bait.

Coggi was chosen because of her intuitive nature, her curiosity often gets her into trouble. Yet, of all the androids, she has the best chance of surviving the truth. Xandra must confront her, is now faced with a horrendous challenge: To save humanity or instead destroy her own sister while trying.
Daily Devotional Ebenezer by Yvette van Niekerk
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Each time you reach for this Daily Devotional, it is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will remove the veil from your eyes.  Each day you are reading, I pray that your wisdom and insight will increase and that a hunger and thirst will develop within you to dig deeper and grow spiritually.

The reason I named this Daily Devotional ‘Ebenezer’ was based on 1 Samuel 7 verse 12.  This reminds me of how many times God has come to my rescue, so many times.  I have prayed and interceded for so many people and have seen how the Lord rescues them.  Then one day I prayed asking Lord, ‘what about me’?  At the time I had completed half of my book and I wasn’t sure what to name it, then suddenly one morning in my quiet time I saw these words “Thus far has the LORD helped us.” 

I knew the LORD was speaking to me and in my heart, I must complete my work.  Be inspired and go for your dreams.

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