How do I know that I am one of the elect?

Let us look what the scripture says about this John 6 verses 37 in the Amplified Bible, Classic Edition “All whom My Father gives (entrusts) to Me will come to Me; and the one who comes to Me I will most certainly not cast out [I will never, no never, reject one of them who comes to Me].”   Also looking at John 6 verses 44 in the Amplified Bible, Classic Edition “No one is able to come to Me unless the Father Who sent Me attracts and draws him and gives him the desire to come to Me, and [then] I will raise him up [from the dead] at the last day.”  Still in John 6 going to verses 65 “And He said:  “This is why I told you that no one can come to Me unless it is granted him [unless he is enabled to do so] by the Father.” 
Don’t loose heart carry on reading John 10 verses 6 to 29 in the Amplified Bible, Classic Edition “Jesus used this parable (illustration) with them, but they did not understand what He was talking about.  So Jesus said again, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, that I Myself am the Door for the sheep.  All others who came [as such] before Me are thieves and robbers, but the [true] sheep did not listen to and obey them.  I am the Door; anyone who enters in through Me will be saved (will live).  He will come in and he will go out [freely] and will find pasture.  The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy.  I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).  I am the Good Shepherd risks and lays down His [own] life for the sheep.  But the hired servant (he who merely serves for wages) who is neither the shepherd nor the owner of the sheep, when he sees the wolf coming, deserts the flock and runs away.  And the wolf chases and snatches them and scatters [the flock].  Now the hireling flees because he merely serves for wages and is not himself concerned about the sheep [cares nothing for them].  I am the Good Shepherd, and I know and recognize My own, and My own know and recognize Me – Even as [truly as] the Father owes Me and I also know the Father – and I am giving My [very own] life and laying it down on behalf of the sheep.  And I have other sheep [besides these] that are not of this fold.  I must bring and impel those also, and they will listen to My voice and heed My call, and so there will be [they will become] one flock under one Shepherd.  For this [reason] the Father loves Me because I lay down My [own] life – to take it back again.  No one takes it away from Me.  On the contrary, I lay it down voluntarily.  [I put if from Myself].  I am authorized and have the power to lay it down (to resign it) and I am authorized and have the power to take it back again.  These are the instructions (orders) which I have received [as My charge] from My Father.  Then a fresh division of opinion arose among the Jews because of His saying these things.  And many of them said, He has a demon and He is mad (insane – He raves, He rambles).  Why do you listen to Him?  Others argued, these are not the thoughts and the language of one possessed.  Can a demon-possessed person open blind eyes?  After this, the Feast of Dedication [of the reconsecration of the temple] was taking place in Jerusalem.  It was winter, and Jesus was walking in Solomon’s Porch in the temple area.  So the Jews surrounded Him and began asking Him, How long are You going to keep us in doubt and suspense?  If You are really the Christ (the Messiah), tell us so plainly and openly.  Jesus answered them: I have told you so, yet you do not believe Me [you do not trust Me and rely on Me].  The very works that I do by the power of My Father and in My Father’s name bear witness concerning Me [they are My credentials and evidence in support of Me].  But you do not believe and trust and rely on Me because you do not belong to My fold [you are no sheep of Mine].  The sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.  And I give them eternal life, and they shall never lose it or perish throughout the ages.  [To all eternity they shall never by any means e destroyed].  And on one is able to snatch them out of My hand.  My Father, Who has given them to Me, is greater and mightier than all[else]; and no one is able to snatch [them] out of the Father’s hand.
The chosen are the men and women and children that have accepted the Lord Jesus as their savior who follows Him.  They know His voice and want to please Him.  If you were not chosen you would not be reading God’s Word, and you also wouldn’t be concerned about your salvation.  Remember the people that call onto Jesus for salvation will be saved – He receives them and He doesn’t turn them away.  Our salvation is eternal and secure (1 Peter 1: 3-5).

Proclaim the Good News, you are saved.

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