Book Review: A Talent for Trouble - Jen Turano

Book Review:         A Talent for Trouble
Author:                 Jen Turano
Personal Quality Rating:         4
Reviewed by:         Yvette van Niekerk


After reading a Most Peculiar Circumstance I now have the privilege of continuing the read.  Keeping in mind the story is still in the 1800’s and this is a Historical Romance Novel.  Miss Felicia Murdock is so upset and feels that her life has come to a still stand because of the love of her life.  Reverend Michael Frazer has taken another bride.  She believes at the age of 25 she is doomed to becoming a spinster. Then the lives of Miss Felicia Murdock and Mr. Grayson Sumner become intertwined and what an explosion.

This story is hilarious and once you start reading you actually don’t want to stop.  The quips in the book are fantastic and I laughed so much at all the funny circumstances Felicia gets involved in.  Her horse is named Thor but don’t be fooled by this strong name. 

The story takes on an interesting twist and the plot thickens.  Loads of dangerous circumstances come into play.  Felicia has a tendency to attract all kinds of trouble, she helps elderly gentlemen and then finds herself in a pub.  With so much going on she attracts, even more, attention and Grayston comes to her rescue.  A fight erupts and her beautiful dress and hair are covered in alcohol.

After all of this Agatha is looking for a story and she gets Felicia to dress like a man while Zane is being dressed as a lady.  Their aim is to investigate the opium den and see what the Chinese men are up to.  Mr. Blackheart is Felicia’s bodyguard and she evades him.  While they are at the opium den Grayston also arrives, the plot thickens and to make matters worse the police arrive and arrests are being made.  Luckily Theodore is on the scenes and helps his friends.

Social / Historical

When reading the story you are moving into a love story with a lot of drama, but as I think about the story I think that the author wanted to convey her concern around the opium den.  The drugs that have made its way into the America’s.  The drama around the lives that were destroyed and the guilt that the person felt because of the drugs. 

The constant worry for protection and safety.  How the this impacted a specific person's life and how they wanted to stay out of the limelight to prevent being exposed.  But the love and affection that came through the story were awesome and it reminded me once again that good will always prevail.

Writing Style

The author wrote this book both evocation as well as common place.  The narrative is based on a number of peoples lives and how they intertwine.  Allowing the author the opportunity to continue a next story telling.  The story is really well thought out and there is a lot of intrigues as well as adventure and loads of laughter. 

The ending is truly beautiful and you actually sit in awe as to the playing out of events.  Some big surprises also in the last couple of chapters which brings the twist into the tail, so to speak. 

My Thoughts

A must read, I really enjoyed this story as I did the previous one and looking forward to the next one.  There is a lot of drama around friends, the fashion in those days are truly interesting but the thing I enjoyed most it the chivalry and the good manners that were displayed.  I would have loved to live in those days. 

The way the author expresses herself goes beyond and above and I truly feel like I am one of the characters in the book.

I enjoyed the book from the first page to the last page, I would say it was an excellent read, it is definitely a book that I would read again.  I think you cannot get bored with these books.

 Great job!

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