Hebrew word "Scopos" - "Look"

Philippians 2: 4AMP “Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interest of others.”

“Look” in Greek is “scopos” which means to focus on.  We also derived “microscope” and “telescope” from the same word.  My thinking here is that we are reminded to focus on the needs of our fellow man and not be so self-absorbed.

We are so easily misled when it comes to our own needs and we really believe that we should first look out for No. 1 (me) and the rest will follow.
True we should look our for ourselves but we shouldn’t be so concerned about our own interests that we forget about the rest.  The problem with being so selfish is that your needs will never really be met.  You always need more and want more. 

Giving all our focus and being interested in the wellbeing of our fellow man should be our focus point but it is a hard decision to make.  You might have to give something up and why should you be the one helping?  “Bad things happen when good people do nothing.” 

The Apostle Paul is reminding you and me to take a look at the person next to you and stop looking for your own interests.  Are you able to do that?  Do you want to take the focus off yourself?  Something each and every one of us needs to consider.


Heavenly Father, we are all guilty of focusing on our own interests most of the time, forgetting that other people also need our help.  Today as we start our day, please give us the necessary compassion and love and understanding for our fellow man.  Teaching us to be fair and kind and helpful as You intended it.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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