Thus far the Lord has helped me!

Psalm 143: 9-11 TLB

“Save me from my enemies. O Lord, I run to you to hide me.  Help me to do your will, for you are my God.  Lead me in good paths, for your Spirit is good.  Lord, saving me will bring glory to your name.  Bring me out of all this trouble because you are true to your promises.”

Are you facing trials and tribulations today, financial constraints, job loss, marital problems, relationship problems?  As people, each one of us is on our own journey.  We are traveling towards our destinies and what the Lord God has ordained for each one of us.  Some might be basking in the sun and they have no problems and are enjoying the Lords supernatural favor and peace right now. 

Others are going into fall and winter is pulling at their feet, times of difficulty and less than enough is plaguing them.  Other may just be coming out of winter and going into spring.  The heavy burdens are being lifted and life is looking a little better.

Whatever the season you find yourself in just remember you are where God wants you right now.  The season you find yourself in is a growing experience and you should learn to trust in the Lord God and embrace each and every moment in it.


Heavenly Father please save us from our enemies. O Lord, we run to You please hide us.  Lord God, help us to do Your will, for You are our God.  Please, Lord, lead us in good paths, for Your Spirit is good.  Lord, saving us will bring glory to Your Name.  O Lord, bring us out of all this trouble because You are true to Your promises.  In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen

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