pEople pLeasers?

Galatians 1: 10 NLT “I'm not trying to win the approval of people, but of God.”

It’s easy to fall into that trap of trying to please everybody and trying to keep everybody happy because you want some peace and quiet at home.  The problem with that is that you are constantly walking on eggs. 

Then there are times when you are supposed to be doing things that are pleasing to the Lord but you also have to keep everybody around you happy.  Causing you to slip up with your quiet time and bible reading. 

If you are anything like me, you need to stand up for what you believe in, I am supposedly a freak because I can only speak about the LORD.  I have other interests but to be honest I love to talk about God.

I found when I was working that people couldn’t really get along with me because they felt uncomfortable in my company.  I was told that I acted “holy than thou” which to my way of thinking wasn’t the case.  I was just trying to be friendly and kind, listening to what people said and if I thought of something that they were doing I would say where it could be found in the Bible.  This made a number of people mad.  Do not tell them stories in the Bible that reflect on their lives.  I never thought it was a bad thing but apparently, it was.

I haven’t changed much I still enjoy talking about the LORD and I still remind people of what they are doing may or may not resonate with the LORD. 

Who are you pleasing, God or people?


Lord, it is difficult to be different and stand out from the crowd, I always feel like a square being pushed into a round whole.  I never seem to fit in and I don’t always understand people's point of view.  Lord, help me to never disappoint You.  I don’t want to be a people pleaser I want to be on Your side all the time.  Show me the way forward and lead me in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Amen

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