#Husbands and #Wives

Genesis 3: 6 “She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate.”

In the beginning God created the earth and everything on it and then He made Adam. After a while He created Eve. God has a structure in place and in the scheme of things Adam was first and Eve came next. God placed Adam first so that he would be in charge of all kinds of things. Adam is supposed to watch out for Eve and make sure she was safe.

Satan of course was watching Eve and knew that she would be easy to convince. I believe Eve was just like any other woman, admiring the fruit in the middle of the garden Satan saw his opportunity and took it. Where was Adam? When reading this passage it is clear Adam was with her. So Adam followed Eve wherever she was in the garden.

Today we know that the wages of sin is death. But we also know that John 10 verse 10, states that when a husband is truly submitted to Christ, he can protect his family. Husbands I want to encourage you today to come to the Lord Jesus. Wives if you are born again I want to encourage you to pray for your husbands and encourage them to walk with God.  


Lord God humbly we pray for our marriages. We dedicate our husbands into Your hands today. We want to pray for their lives. Committing them into Your hands and pray for husbands that are truly submitted to You Lord Jesus. We honor our husbands who are submitted to You and praise You Lord for being so good to us. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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