Proverbs 1: 5 “Let the wise listen and add to their learning.”

Good morning, wow what a day! I was traveling to work and reading something a friend gave me and I believe you will enjoy my thinking around what I read.

It is important to constantly listen and learn from other people’s mistakes. I read this guy took his little boy with him one evening when he went drinking with the guys. They came back from the visit and the little boy was walking far behind his dad. The dad turned around and looked at his little boy walking all over the place this way and that way. Going into every direction, he finally reached his dad.  “Son what happened to you? Why have you been walking around and up and down?” The little boy looked up to his dad and said: “I was walking in your footsteps.” The man felt so ashamed that he decided to set a proper example for his child.  To walk in a straight line and be a good example.

You still have time to set the right example for your children. I know I want to leave a good legacy behind for my children but I am not very creative or smart. I can only do the best I can with what I have and I am working really hard on my own attitude and my life. God is using me every day and I don’t want to disappoint Him or the people in my life.

I want to be the person as seen as wise that is listening and adding to my own learning.


O Lord God pleases will You guide me and open my ears to listen to good advice and learn from my own mistakes and improve my life. I know that I am able to influence so many people in my own life, please help me act in a proper way. I clothe myself in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen

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