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Last Stand at Lighthouse Point by George L. Duncan

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Drake Sanders has a great life. He enjoys his job, is planning to marry the woman he loves and has a low golf handicap. An editor of a small daily on the North Carolina coast, he is investigating a bizarre murder, with possible supernatural overtones. He is also akin to Job, for the powers of darkness have been ordered to kill or destroy him. In a short time, he will be dealing with murderous locals, professional hit men, corrupt businessmen and demonic entities.
Like Job, he has three friends. Harry Denton is a reporter and an intercessor who has insight into spiritual matters. Tiffany Sanderson is a broadcaster who lost a local beauty pageant because it was rigged. Tracy Sundelin is an intelligent 13-year-old girl with incredible faith. They will be drawn into the battle and their lives too will be on the line. As the vultures of evil circle, a cosmic conflict of good vs. evil will ensue.
As the battle wages, there is no mercy asked and no quarter given. Even for 13-year-old Tracy, it is kill or be killed. The four desperately hope, and believe, that God will not stand silent in a time of crisis. The novel is not only a suspenseful thriller, it also re-examines beliefs about the Book of Job in light of modern revelation and provides the reader with scriptural insight.
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Author George L. Duncan
George L. Duncan is an avid golfer but his game was nowhere near good enough for the PGA tour, so he turned to writing. He has been a reporter, editor and editorial writer for a variety of newspapers including the Savannah Morning News and the Harrisonburg (VA) Daily News. Currently, he is a novelist with five books on the market. His latest is “At Play in the Seas of the Lord,” a modern-day treasure hunting tale. A native of Florida, he now lives in Colorado with his wife Denise, two cats, two dogs and a horse.

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