What do you feel like today?

Hebrews 4: 12 “His word can cut through our spirits.”

I always crave something nice to eat and I love sweeties.  Chocolates and all kinds of candy, I know that it is bad for me but I just love it all the same. Reading my Bible takes time and I had to pray to God to create an appetite for God’s Word in my own life.

You know I get up really early in the morning my alarm goes off at 5 am and my lift picks me up at 5H40.  I need to shower every day, wash my hair, make lunch for my husband get dressed and put on some make up.  Then I don’t leave my house if my bed isn’t made. I cannot come home tonight at 5H50 pm and find my bed’s not made. I think I would lose it.

So where on earth do I find time to read my Bible? I have to read my Bible I feel this is my spiritual food and I need encouragement each and every day. You don’t know me I am very needy especially when it comes to God. I always want to know stuff and I want to grow spiritually.

I have come to a place in my life and I know how things work, if I really want something, I make it my business in obtaining it. Nothing will stand in my way and I get what I want. You may say that you just don’t have time for Bible each day, besides you are busy with all kinds of things and yes you have to also clean your own house. So do I, but I have come to realise the hour travelling to work gives me ample time to read God’s Bible. I learn from it, there are times I am just to tired and sleep on my way to work but most of the time I read my Bible and I feel that I am growing spiritually.

Today I want to encourage you to “feel like reading your Bible” start with a page a day and see how far you get. Before you realise it you would have read more than you anticipated.


O Lord create in me an appetite to read the Bible more and more and create a spirit within me to crave Your word. Nourishing my soul and teaching me what I need for each day. Lord without You I fear I will not make it. Bless my friends today and watch over each and every one of us, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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