A great woman!

2 Kings 4: 8
“One day Elisha went to Shunem and a well-to-do woman was there,
who urged him to stay for a meal.
So whenever he came by,
he stopped there to eat.”

In this day and age I must be honest I really don’t know too many woman that are great in my eyes.  I doubt if they are true Christian woman their actions speak for them.  I am striving each and every day to become great, it is my heart’s desire to place God first in my life.

The Shunem woman was a great woman; she saw Elisha and knew who he was.  She prepared a room for him and invited him to stay there whenever he came past her house.  So from my point of view she place God first in her life.

Did she lack anything?  No she was a “well-to-do” woman and it is she had lack of nothing but there was something so dearly wanted.  She didn’t have children and her heart’s desire was to have a child.  Do you think she asked Elisha for a child?  No, Elisha found out she wanted a child and prayed for her.

A tragedy hits her house hold and her son dies.  She places him on his bed and goes in search of Elisha she doesn’t go around crying and telling everybody her kid died.  She looks for the source who is able to help her.

Elisha revives the child from death and he lives her prayers were answered.

I feel that I am standing in a room and my dream looks like it is dead, I need to have it revived, I need a God breath over my dream. 


Heavenly Father, Lord You know what my dream is all about, I bring it before You and I pray for a revival of my dream.  Lord I need You to breathe life into my dream, You are my first port of contact in the morning and my last one in the evening.  I am asking You humbly breathe life into my dream.  In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ.  Amen 

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