An unexpected visit …

Nehemiah 8: 10
“The joy of the LORD is your strength.”

Do you believe God has only good thoughts towards you?  I must tell you that I have come to believe that God only has good thoughts towards me. I love the LORD and I believe that the LORD is my strength.  

I have been truly dealing with a lot of situations in my own life but I must tell you God knows my heart’s desire.  My children don’t stay close to my house and I rarely see them.  We make appointment to visit and when I can I go and see them.  These past couple of weeks have been hectic both out cars broke down and we only have a truck to drive around in leaving me without transport.

Last week was my birthday and my children phoned me saying happy birthday mom hope you have an awesome year.  Then to my surprise on Saturday morning they came to celebrate my birthday with me.  It was so awesome that I almost cried, and to top it off they knew that I wanted some perfume for my birthday and came bearing gifts.

The visit was excellent and I really love seeing them again.  I realized that God’s hand was over my life. 


Lord thank You for the joy You bring into my life, and that You strengthen me each and every day. You are my rock and I stand firm on You. Lord thank You so much for my children and the unexpected visit this weekend.  I love them so much and I dedicate them into Your hands, I pray that they will be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Amen

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