Baby Steps

1 Peter 2: 2
“Like newborn babies, you must crave pure
spiritual milk
so that you will grow into a
the full experience of salvation.
Cry out for this nourishment,”

God is a true parent and He understands His children.  When I moved from Jo’burg to Witbank – in the country I isolated myself from people.  Big mistake, it caused me to become fearful and scared.  I didn’t want to go shopping or visit people.  I felt safe in my house and just couldn’t get myself to go out.

I decided to take baby steps to get out of this bad habit.  My first port of control was attending church and becoming part of the congregation. I am still taking baby steps here, I have joined the Bible study and next year will see what my future holds here.

Salvation is something we need to nurture when you neglect your faith, your heart becomes as hard as granite.  You don’t hear from God and life becomes very difficult.

It took me a very long time to actually get back on my feet again.  I still suffer from the fear of leaving my house, but I force myself and go to the shops.  I believe that God is dealing with me and that He is working in my life.


Lord God, help me to please stay focused and not go around fearful and scared.  You didn’t give me a spirit of fear but I am Your child.  Lord as I grow spiritually teach me each day.  Guide me and show me what You want me to see today in my own life.  As I take baby steps moving forward, thank You so much Holy Spirit for coming back into my life, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ.  Amen


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