Being forged like a sword!

James 1: 2-4
“Consider it nothing but joy,
my brothers and sisters,
whenever you fall into various trials.
Be assured that the testing of your faith
[through experience]
produces endurance
[leading to spiritual maturity, and inner peace].
And let endurance have its perfect result and do a
through work, so that you may be
perfect and completely developed
[in your faith],
lacking in nothing.”

As I reflect on my life I believe in a sense my life is like an ore-bearing stone.  For the magic to come out of me something needs to take place so that a sword and a scabbard and chain can be forged.
The ore-bearing stone needs to be melted and then it is poured out into narrow molds.   Now the forging takes place.  First waiting for the melted glowing metal to cool down and the craftsman takes a little water and pours it over the still hot metal.

Breaking open the molds and taking them with tongs the rods are now ready to be forged.  You know the trails and tribulations you have faced and the pain you endured. Going through the fire and coming out changed.  Each process in our lives is to refine us and help us change.

The sword is the Word of God and God is the craftsman carefully knocking out all the blemishes and tiny little cracks.  It takes time and you are changing each day.  One day I will be that shiny bright beautiful sword that a trained knight can use in battle.


O Lord, we don’t always consider it all joy when we need to face difficulties, sometimes we murmur and complain.  In humility we say thank You, You know what You are doing and these little knocks and bumps we experience are to forge us into the instrument You have decided for each of our life.  Open our eyes Lord so that we may see what it is You want us to see.  

Help us understand the life You have in mind for us.  I live with purpose and a life worthy of You.  Thank You so much, Lord, for keeping us safe.  I love You Lord in Jesus Christ's name, Amen.

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