Light my way Lord.

Psalm 119: 5
“Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path.”

Guarding my heart and mind is a choice, the decision not to ponder and think about people that are acrimonious in nature. The aphorism “what goes around, comes around,” plagues my mind today.

Yes I was humbled not once but twice this weekend. I don’t want to tell you about my humbling experience but I must say it wasn’t a nice feeling. So when you pray humble me o Lord, be careful what you ask for.

The mature thing I should do is drop this whole saga and move on with my life. Yes, I was humbled and the person took me one hundred percent for a ride.  The lesson I learned is that people will disappoint you and only God is true.

Lady I forgive you, I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will forgive you too. I set you free and hope that what your heart desire will be given to you. I also pray about the other person I set you free and ask that the Lord will give you what you so desire.


Lord these people I bring humbly before you, I know they both judged me and that they believe I got what I deserve. I forgive both of them. Lord I pray that You will bless them today, that whatever it is they desire give it to them, money, men, food whatever.  Give it to them in abundance.
I forgive them in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ and I ask forgive me for harboring a grudge the whole of Sunday.  Amen

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