My dream

Genesis 6: 22
“Noah did everything just
as God commanded him.”

What an awesome God I serve, this morning when I woke up I asked God to surprise me with something.  My book Daily Devotional Ebenezer has just been released for publication.  I am super excited and overwhelmed - all in one.

You may think really?  Anyone can publish a book, how difficult can it be?  Sure enough, I do believe it is possible for other people to do this especially people with degrees and excellent writing skills, people that have studied the art or writing and who are checking their instruction manuals.

I struggle with grammar mistakes, my official language is Afrikaans and writing and speaking in English is difficult.  I also am dyslexic resulting in spelling mistakes.  Then there is this dream that I want to write a book, not any book but a daily devotional. 

When God gives you a dream you should do something about it, it took me so long to get this book written and to formulate all my thoughts and feelings.  I am so proud that I was able to listen to God’s instruction and go ahead and write my book.

If Noah didn’t listen to God’s command and go ahead and build the ark I wonder what would have happened to all of us, would we be here today?  God has a specific calling on your life, and when you know there is something driving you, you should go ahead and do it.  It starts with the first step, hearing from God, listening and doing it. 


O LORD God, Abba Father in humble expectation I come to You today and I want to say thank You so much for allowing my dream to come true.  Yes, there will be obstacles and I know that when they do arise You will help me overcome them. I give you praise and thank You, thank You, thank You for hearing my prayers.  I dedicate each and every person reading my blog today and ask that You will touch their lives with the Word and also with Your Holy Spirit creating a renewed interest and thirst for You Lord in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen.


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