The fear of the LORD

Psalms 33: 18
“Behold, the eye of the LORD is on
those who fear him,
on those who hope in
His steadfast love,”

When you wake up each morning what goes through your mind?  “Good morning LORD.” Is something I say each morning but some morning I don’t feel like saying anything, I still say “Good morning LORD.”

I have been accused of being a fanatic and obsessed with the LORD and the Bible and that it is impossible to have a decent conversation with me because I don’t know what to say.

Many people think it is ridiculous when I bring something out of what I read the Bible and say this or that reminds me of this scripture or passage I read this morning.  It seems they are put off by my speaking of the LORD.

I believe that the eye of the LORD is on me, I do fear the LORD and I believe that my hope is in HIS steadfast love.  I am nothing without the LORD, I am what God decided to make me.

There is strength in the LORD and I believe with my whole heart that the LORD is working in my life each and every day.  Some days my past plagues me and I feel dreadful and it feels like my life isn’t worth living but the LORD is faithful and He reminds me that I am loved.  I am His child, He has called me by my name, I am valuable because the LORD Jesus Christ died on a cross to save my life.

Heavenly Father, LORD God Almighty in humility I come to You today, thank You for today, thank You for looking after me.  Thank You that I am able to think of You day and night.  Thank You for the supernatural favour in my life with YOU LORD as well as with people.  LORD, YOU are my everything, yes I talk to YOU constantly and it does irritate people but I do love You in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ my Lord and saviour.  Amen 


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