When I wake-up!

Psalm 119: 147
"I rise before dawn and cry
for help;
I hope in your words."

The first thought in my mind is "Good morning LORD."  I get up open the shower's hot water and get back into bed for another couple of minutes.  5 o'clock in the morning I feel just great, looking forward to a brand new day.

I think of the work that lay ahead of me and pray asking God to help me do my best job today.  I pray asking for a good and helpful attitude.

Sometimes I wake up during the night and my mind runs away with me, the devil reminds me of my past mistakes and then I struggle to fall asleep again.  In those early morning hours, I pray for help and trust my life into Gods hands.

Heavenly Father, tonight I dedicate all my friends and family into Your hands, protect each one of us and keep us from harm.  We love and adore You, in Jesus name, Amen



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