5 Reasons for feeling depressed.

In this blog, I am referring to people who work hard and at some stage in their lives become tired and feel depressed. I am not referring to clinically depressed people in this blog, if you are facing clinical depression, please consult with your doctor.

Psalm 42: 6 (AMP)

“O my God, my soul is in despair within me [the burden more than I can bear]; therefore I will [fervently] remember You from the land of the Jordan and the peaks of [mount] Hermon, from Mount Mizar.”

In our lives, I believe everybody struggles with a form of depression. One of the reasons I suffer from feeling depressed is when I am tired. I have too much on my plate and struggle to fall asleep. In the morning I get out of bed feeling miserable and not able to function normally. Tiredness is one of the culprits for depression. Psalm 62: 1

You know they say God convicts us and the devil condemns us. I believe sin is another culprit and when we sin we struggle with guilt feelings which turn into depression. The best way to deal with this is to repent of your sin. Ask God to forgive you and move on with your life. Romans 3: 23

I know why I felt so depressed the past couple of weeks. I allowed myself the comfort of comparing my life to my family and friends lives. I think they are doing very well and life is a breeze.

Forgiving someone who hurts us is imperative. The problem I found is it took months and years before I actually could forgive them. The symptom of unforgiveness is feelings of guilt and being so depressed. Shake these feelings off and forgive them, it will set you free. Matthew 6:14-15

Another culprit which contributes to depression is, speaking negatively.  Once people start it seems they are like dogs fighting over a bone. I sat in a Hair Salon a couple of weeks ago and I listened to the conversations. It was about husbands that were so useless. The sad part was the husband was just standing outside the door, I feel sure he heard the person. Stop it! Your husbands are the way you made them, constantly telling them they are useless. Lift them up and you will feel better too.


Lord if we are struggling with depression and it is because we have caused it ourselves, please forgive us. Lord give us the necessary wisdom and understanding to stop complaining, whining and carrying on like a couple of fools. Place a guard over our mouths and help us to think before we speak. Lord forgive us when we fail to act accordingly. In the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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