Elohim Ozer Li – God is my helper.


Psalm 54: 4
“Behold, God is my helper; the LORD is the upholder of my life.”

I find that my mouth goes dry when I feel anxious. A tightening of my throat takes place causing my voice to sound all raspy. I feel anxious and a little overwhelmed at times and the only refuge is the LORD God my helper.

What sets me apart from my fellow man? My faith, I believe God is the cornerstone of my life. Without Him I am nothing. I can’t do anything right in any case.

I know God understands me and knows my circumstances and what I am facing every day. I believe God is able to turn my circumstances around and make my path straight. What about you? Do you know that God is your helper? Are you able to turn to Him when you are facing difficult times?
I want to encourage you today, turn to God.  He can help you.

Elohim Ozer Li, O God my helper. Thank You, that I am able to turn to You in my hour of need. Please show me the way forward.  Strengthen me and guide me in the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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