The Secret about a Virtues Woman Only a Handful of People knows.

Proverbs 31: 11 (ESV)
“The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.”

The secrets about a virtues woman as described in Proverbs Chapter 31. Let’s take a look at her secret to becoming a champion as a Woman who Fears the LORD.

What made this woman stand out? I was thinking about her secret and it struck me that she had a couple of goals in her own life she wanted to attain. The truth of the matter is she was someone that strove to become a better person, she was constantly improving herself. I believe she didn’t mind sacrificing for the good of her husband and children. It struck me that she was someone that was in charge of her life but wasn’t afraid to serve others. Her virtue was praised as she was worth far more than rubies. She was considered faithful because her husband trusted her and she enriched his life.  I admire her for doing good to her husband and children. In sacrificing she had to be strong, constantly working hard. I believe she must have been someone that wouldn’t give up easily. I think she must have been well rounded and she helped people in need.  The secret to her success was that she worked hard and was able to provide for her family. Someone like this would always be well dressed and polished.  Her husband was good to her, she was an honourable person.  Her wisdom and kindness could be picked up immediately. The characteristic that stands out for me is that she was someone that “Feared the LORD.”

This woman knew how to take action, she did what needed to be done.  I am sure she had a positive attitude and nothing was too difficult for her. When things went wrong I feel sure she would have been accountable.  The fact that she was well dressed proves that she loved herself and accepted who it was. We are all able to become a virtuous woman, nothing should stand in our way. You are a blessing and God loves you.

Abba Father, thank You Lord for another day, thank You that I am able to come into Your presence and bring You praise. Lord, You know that I love You and I worship You. Lord as Proverbs 31 Woman I want to be of good character and it is my desire to live up to these standards. I want to be a virtuous woman, I do fear You and I love You. Bless each woman who is reading this today as well as her husband and men who read this. Let us become people of a standard. I love and adore You Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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