Flattery will get you nowhere.

Proverbs 27: 21

“As silver is tried in the fining-pot and gold in the furnace; so a man is tried by the mouth of him that praiseth.  The heart of the wicked seeketh after evils, but the righteous heart seeketh after knowledge.”

How do you react to people who try and flatter you? I don’t understand why people try and flatter me. If someone tries to flatter me the first thing that comes to mind “What do you want?”

I don’t trust people who try and flatter me because I believe they have a hidden agenda and want something in return. I also feel they cannot be trusted. They always come with sweet talk but in the background, I have heard how they discuss me.


Lord the question is do we enjoy flattery or do we brush it off and carry on with our lives. Do we think about the great words spoken over us and think we are all this and more when in fact we are still being pruned each day.
Lord helps us to discern right from wrong and not be taken into false pretences. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen

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