“For we also are His children.”

Acts 17: 28 AMP
“For in Him we live and exist [that is, in Him, we actually have our being], as even some of your own poets have said, “For we also are His children.””

I was thinking about this and it struck me that we live in a society that “loves” everything. I ask myself the question do we truly Love the Lord our God? Or do we look for love in all the wrong places?

Do you love your neighbour? Do you love your family? Do you Love God?

Sometimes I don’t love my neighbour or my family, they make me mad and I don’t want to even look their way. Do I love God? I believe that I love God. I have committed my life to the Lord Jesus and I accepted the Lord into my life.

And thinking about this statement “For we also are His children” brightens my face and makes me super happy. My life is in God’s hand and I know that God first loved me so I can love Him back.


Lord I love You, I love You, I do. Today thank You that I can brag about my love for You. You lift me up, You called me by my name, I belong to You. I worship You in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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