Great Expectations

Zechariah 9:12 (AMP)
12 Return to the stronghold [of security and prosperity], O prisoners who have the hope; Even today I am declaring that I will restore double [your former prosperity] to you [as firstborn among nations].

Cross references:  Ps 40:2; Is 40:2

Here's a challenge do you have any expectations for your future? I am expecting double for my trouble. I have placed my hope in God the Lord Jesus Christ. Why would I allow the devil to come and steal my peace of mind?

Those days of feeling overwhelmed and hopeless are behind me. I am stretching myself forward to a brand new future. I am God's prisoner of hope.

I have allowed the devil too much power over my own life. I have accepted all his lies and believed that I am worthless. No more! I am a child of God, He called me by my name. I will never fall into despair again.

How did I become positive? I believe I am learning to stay positive every day.   My blind spot is my emotions. Emotions can cause me to fall more often than I want to. Those are my worst days. I try reading my Bible and focusing on the positive in life.

Practising my positivity takes time and effort. I work at staying positive every day. I remind myself of God's grace and mercies. I say thank you and please. I don't swear and curse. I embrace myself and have forgiven myself for my past mistakes.


Heavenly Father God, thank You, for a brand new day. Thank You, that I am able to come into Your presence each morning. I want to bring You, praises and bless Your Holy Name. Thank You, for today and the Word stating that You, will give me double for my trouble. I humbly accept this word for my own life as well as for my blogger friends. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen

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