The Blame Game #yvettevanniekerk

“The Woman said, “The Serpent deceived me.”” Genesis 3: 13 NIV

One thing is clear as day, no matter what we are all going to stand before the Lord God one day. Look at what happened to Eve.  God spoke to the three culprits.  Adam started saying "the woman gave me the fruit and I ate it." Eve then turned on the serpent saying "the serpent deceived me." Does this sound familiar?

Yes, we all seem to blame someone for something in our own lives. Oh, you do not blame people? I think we all do that. When I find myself in a corner; I start blaming other people for my predicament.
I wonder if I will ever get past this problem? Am I going to be the victim in every situation? 

I started taking responsibility for my own life. When something comes up; I will admit I made a mistake. A point to take note of is checking one's filters. Before you say something; think before you speak.

How am I going to turn this problem around to my advantage? I need to accept who I am. I need to understand what hurts me and deal with it. I want my circumstance to improve. How will I do this? Start with me. I know I have many issues.

"As a man thinketh, so is he." I am thinking positively, I am responsible and will make it. My future is in my hands, I am able to steer the course.


O LORD, You know I have been speaking to You about so many issues in my own life. I want to humbly come before You, I want to take responsibility for my own life. I want to be the change I want to see. Please Lord, place a guard over my heart, my mouth and my eyes. Help me to watch my words and actions towards all the people in my life. I am able to take responsibility and I am doing this today. In Christ Jesus Name, Amen.

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