A Gift to say I’m sorry!

Genesis 33: 8 NLT
8 “And what were all the flocks and herds I met as I came?” Esau asked. Jacob replied, “They are a gift, my lord, to ensure your friendship.”

I know everybody has disagreements in their lives with family and friends.  The interesting part is that we need to stop and take control of our own emotions.  I always buy a small gift say “I’m sorry.”  The attitude my husband has towards my gift sometimes can be disturbing. He would just put the gift on the side table next to the bed and not accept it. I don’t give up and try again. 

Lessons I have learned is that it’s not always in my control how my husband reacts.  It is however in my control how I react.  I realized saying sorry doesn’t work with him. “You said it, you meant it” and he holds that against me. So I say sorry with a gift and when he's ready and accepts the gift we move on.


O Lord, Help me to become a mature Christian. I am sorry for not always controlling my mouth. I pray that Lord, You, will search my heart and soul, cleans me and help me become more and more like You Lord Jesus. Soli Deo Gloria to the Glory of God alone. Amen

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